Condition de vente


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I try to describe the best objects I put for sale and the photos are part of the description, but do not hesitate to ask questions ... before you buy (after it's a little late!)

For my weapons for sale, for lack of knowledge, I do not comment on their shooting ability.

I am considering all direct offers, so don't hesitate.

Think about watching my other ads. And thank you for your visit.

I no longer accept any returns, too many problems recovering parts on objects vendus.et then ask for a return and refund.

Ask the right questions, for the shipments see the legislation of the buyer's country for weapons,no shipments to Belgium (contact me for more explanations)
Departure of goods from France, by Mondial Relais, or by French post office.

All documents in all sections from A to Z must be scanned if a folder interests you (a small email and it will be ready within 48 hours)